1. Gym equipment

We have a full range of the finest equipment and products for cardiovascular exercises and strength games that are specially designed to suit the client’s requirements. Our company is a global company that occupies a leading position in the supply of technical products and services. In the field of health and fitness, we offer the latest products, from cardio exercise tools to children’s exercise tools, through strength games and free weights by constantly creating new products and introducing innovative designs that meet the highest internationally recognized standards. Our extensive experience attests to the distinction of our products with the highest levels of quality and the best prices.

2. Supply of furniture for health clubs, gymnasiums and health resorts

Being a partner of the oldest manufacturers of furniture for health clubs, gymnasiums and health resorts, we offer unparalleled products such as reception furniture and changing rooms, and we have long experience in the field of fitness and combine wonderful designs to ensure Superior quality using the latest technology in the industry. Our products are also characterized by the ability to provide solutions that suit all requirements and tastes, and our installation teams are distinguished by obtaining the highest levels of training.

3. Indoor and outdoor sports floors

We are agents for the best internationally accredited manufacturers of both indoor and outdoor sports floors, multi-purpose stadium floors and running tracks through projects that have been implemented for clients from the public and private sectors, and we cooperate with the oldest companies Manufacturer and approved, which offers the best playgrounds designed to achieve fun and attractiveness for all. Our gaming equipment products are distinguished by their diversity and the ability to provide solutions that suit all requirements and tastes at the best prices. Our products are also environmentally friendly and designed to suit all age groups.